How to send files via Google Drive in 2021, can send large files!

How to send files via Google Drive can be done easily. There are several ways you can try. Check out the details here!
How to send files via Google Drive
How to send files via Google Drive can be done in a few easy steps. Besides being practical, this method can also be an alternative data backup at the same time.

Google Drive is one of the most popular storage media in the world. You can store various data, from documents, photos, videos, and more.

In addition, you can send the data that you store on GDrive to other people. In fact, you can even send large files!

To find out how to send files via Google Drive, just take a look at the full discussion below! Guaranteed fast and easy!

How to Send Files Via Google Drive Via HP

Compared to using a PC or laptop, most people prefer to use a cellphone to send Google Drive files because it is more practical.

But before that, you have to install the Google Drive application first on your cellphone. Then, you can see the complete steps below!
  • Download and install the Google Drive application on your cellphone. You can get it via the link!
  • Open the Google Drive application, then upload the files to share. The way to upload files to the Google Drive link is to click the Add (+) button.
  • Tap Upload to upload files, or tap Folder to upload a folder. After that, find the file or folder that will be uploaded to GDrive.
How to send files via Google Drive
  • Look for the uploaded file in the My Drive tab. To share the file, press the dot button three, then select Share.
How to send files via Google Drive
  • Enter the email address to send the file to. Decide whether the person can edit the file, make comments, or just view it.
How to send files via Google Drive

  • When done, click on the Send button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Done! The file will be sent directly to the targeted person's email.

In addition, if you are looking for ways to upload files to someone else's Google Drive via cellphone, you can follow the steps above.

However, select the Editor option so that the recipient can edit the sent file as if he was a selector of the file. It's easy, right?

How to Send Google Drive Files via Link

Not only via email, you can also send Google Drive files via a link! Later, the GDrive link can be sent to other people to make it more practical.

Then, how do you send a Google Drive link to WhatsApp or other chat applications? Just take a look at the tutorial below!
  • First, follow how to send files to Google Drive like the way I uploaded the files that I described above.
  • If the file is already in Google Drive, click the three dots button and select Manage People and Links.
How to send files via Google Drive
  • At this point, change the link settings by pressing the Change button, then choose whether the person with the link can edit the file, leave comments, or just view.
  • If you want to make Google Drive accessible to everyone and edit together, just select Editor. If so, click Copy Link.
How to send files via Google Drive
  • Share the Google Drive link with the intended person. You can share it via chat applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and others.

How to Send Files on Google Drive via Gmail

Until recently, Gmail was one of the best widely used email services. The features available are also very complete.

Of course, you can also send files on Google Drive via Gmail. To find out how, follow the steps below!
  • If you are using an Android device, download and install the Gmail application first. You can get it via the link
  • Open Gmail and select Compose to compose a new message.
  • Enter the intended email address and email subject. After that, click the Attachment button to the left of the Send button. Press the Insert From Drive option.
How to send files via Google Drive
  • Select the My Drive option, then find the file or folder on GDrive to send. If so, click the file and press Select.
How to send files via Google Drive
  • Files from Google Drive have been successfully displayed in the email. You just have to send the email by pressing the Send button. Done.

Although the method that I practice is done through an Android device, you can also try it on other devices, including iPhones, PCs, and laptops.

That was an explanation of how to send files via Google Drive via cellphone, which you can also do via a PC or laptop.

Apart from small files, you can also send large files such as long videos on Google Drive. The method is also very easy, right?