How to Upload Photos on Pinterest via the Latest Android, iOS, and PC Phones in 2021

Looking for ways to upload photos on Pinterest is a must for you to make your Pinterest account more lively and inspiring. Here, I teach you how to post photos on Pinterest 2021!

As someone who likes photography, pictures, and other visual inspiration, it's really important for you to know how to upload photos on Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online media like a visual discovery engine for you to find lots of ideas such as recipes, home designs, inspiration, and much more.

Uploading photos on Pinterest is indeed the main attraction. This has the potential for your photos to become a field of inspiration for other Pinterest users.

Pinterest's users can easily save and create Pins via images they have found online.

Now there are billions of pins that you can find via photos on Pinterest. You can also be a part of it as long as you know how to upload images on Pinterest.

Don't be confused. Through this article I will teach you how to easily upload photos to Pinterest. See my explanation!

It's time for me to explain to you how to easily upload images on Pinterest. Interestingly, you can upload photos either via a computer / PC or via a smartphone.

Want an Android or iOS cellphone, both of them are really able to access Pinterest. However, you have to download Pinterest first, if you want to use it via cellphone.

You can do uploading photos or images to Pinterest easily, gang. You just have to follow the steps below.

How to Upload Photos on Pintest via Computer / PC

Previously, you had to set up a laptop and a good internet connection to access the Pinterest site.
Only after that, you can continue to upload photos to Pinterest by following the steps below.
  1. Visit the site www.pinterest.com.
  2. Click the Login button on the top right, then log in using your email or Facebook account.
  3. Click the white + icon in the lower right corner of the Pinterest page.
  4. If you ask for a photo add-on in your browser, just select Not Now. Then, click the + icon again.
  5. Click the Upload a Pin menu which will take you to the photo upload page.
  6. Click Drag and drop or click to upload on the camera icon. Later, you will be directed to the photo search file.
  7. For example, it doesn't appear in number 6, all you have to do is click Upload Pin which is at the bottom left.
  8. Choose your favorite photo or image.
  9. Click Open on the Pinterest page.
  10. Type a photo description in the Pinterest column, then click Done.
  11. Point the cursor on the board that you want to add a photo to, then click save.
  12. You can also click Create board> enter board name> Create as another alternative.

How to Upload Photos on Pinterest via HP

For those of you who prefer to use a smartphone, either Android or iOS, you will also learn how to upload images or photos to Pinterest as well.

The method is no less simple. After you download and register on Pinterest via the application, continue by following the steps below.
  1. Open the Pinterest application by tapping the icon on the cellphone.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the top right corner for Android or in the bottom left corner for iPhone / iPad.
  3. Tap the + button on the top right next to the hexagon icon.
  4. Select the Photo menu and allow Pinterest to access photos or videos in the cellphone gallery.
  5. Choose your favorite photo.
  6. Type a description in the photo field.
  7. Select the board on which to place the photo. After that, your photo will be uploaded to Pinterest.

There are also important tips for you when uploading images or photos that come from certain works or platforms. It is best if you include where the photo was taken from. These tips will protect you from being subject to IPR violations.

Then you just have to choose how to upload photos on Pinterest which I have explained, yes. Create as many ideas as possible that can inspire many people through a Pinterest account.