How the YouTube Random Comment Picker Works to Win Give Away

How the YouTube Random Comment Picker Works to Win Give Away
It's time for you to work on YouTube random comment pickers to win giveaway on YouTube 2021. Here, I'll teach you how to hack the latest YouTube random comment picker!

YouTube Random Comment Picker aka YT comment picker is indeed the right choice for YouTubers to choose the winner in the giveaway contest via the YouTube channel.

For YouTubers, using the YouTube Random Comment Picker is better than choosing the winner manually among thousands of comments.

Apart from being a hassle for YouTubers, choosing the best comments one by one will also drain your emotions if you get negative comments. The taste is really tedious!

As a contestant, it is very important for you to understand how comment pickers work and how to become a giveaway winner on YouTube.

For those of you who are still newbies who are just about to join the giveaway program, I will teach you how to win giveaway on YouTube.

Listen to my explanation until it's finished!

What is YouTube's Random Comment Picker?

YT's Random Comment Picker is an online robot service to facilitate the selection of the best comments from giveaway contest participants held by YouTube channel owners.
How the YouTube Random Comment Picker Works to Win Give Away
In addition to increasing the number of engagements on YouTuber accounts, the Giveaway program also requires extra time for YouTube channel owners to select comments objectively.

In the end, YouTubers need the help of online robots that can select and sort comments from subscribers on YouTube randomly and still have a fast and fair performance.

How the YouTube Random Comment Pick Works

Maybe you are starting to be curious to find out how this random comment picker service works. As promised, I'll tell you the workflow of the powerful tools for this YouTube giveaway contest.
How the YouTube Random Comment Picker Works to Win Give Away
Overall, the main task of the comment picker is to filter the comments on a YouTube video content that you have uploaded and published.

Later, the comment picker will select some of the best comments according to the criteria that you specify via the URL that you enter on the comment picker website.

After filtering comments, the tool for this giveaway will select winners who have been randomly filtered out, gang.

This series of comment picker work determines whether you will win or lose in giveaway content on YouTube. The results of filtering the winners from this tool are really fast and very objective in choosing the winner.

How to Win a YouTube Giveaway

Not only to explain how the comment picker works, I also want to teach you how to win organically. The goal is that the potential to win is even greater in the giveaway program via YouTube so that you can win that victory, gang.
How the YouTube Random Comment Picker Works to Win Give Away
There are six strategies for winning the giveaway that I have summarized so you can win the giveaway contest from YouTubers, here.

Come on, see my following giveaway winning strategy until it's finished!

1. Follow the Giveaway Program Rules on the YouTube Channel

To carry out an organic strategy to win the contest, you have to follow the rules of the giveaway game that have been explained by the owner of the YouTube channel.

You see, the criteria for screening potential winners through comment pickers will also be relevant to the rules of the game from YouTubers. The safe way for you to win is to comply with the terms and conditions of the giveaway content that apply.

2. Subscribe and Follow the Latest Video Content

Becoming a subscriber is usually an absolute requirement so that you can take part in giveaway contests on YouTube. To make your winning probability even more powerful, I highly recommend that you keep updating the latest content on the YouTube channel.

Logically, YouTubers would love to choose subscribers who are diligent in watching their video content. Who doesn't like having a loyal audience?

3. Don't Spaming

Spaming can be likened to diving while drinking water. This means that you want to win the giveaway and at the same time put a link for your personal benefit from the many comments milling about, here.

We recommend that you avoid spamming activities on giveaway content on YouTube. You see, I also want you to be the winner (the winner).

4. Good comments

YouTubers who make giveaway programs really like positive comments and have the potential to have a positive impact on the survival of the YouTube channel.

The reason is, positive comments can increase audience confidence and search priority on YouTube search, gang. It is certain that YouTubers will choose winners with good comments.

5. Respect YouTube Channel Owners

An important attitude that you must adopt is to respect the decision to announce the giveaway winner when you lose. Luck never knows whose side will be.

Don't let you feel disappointed and end up leaving a bad trail with negative comments, gang. The reason is, it will have a bad impact on you and your YouTube account.

6. Use Original Comments

Anti-plagiarism about making comments also has the potential for a comment picker to send you a random winner. The important thing is you can avoid the habit of copying comments only.

When you don't copy and paste or plagiarize in writing comments, the comment picker system will prioritize you as a winner. The comment picker service really wants to invite the giveaway contestants to play honestly on YouTube.

Before I end, the important thing that you must remember in order to win a giveaway on YouTube is not to make derogatory, spamming, hateful comments, or beg to win in the comments' column of the YouTube channel.