The Latest Money Making Photo Application 2021

Money Making Photo Application
In addition to the photo selling sites that I discussed in the previous article, you can also take advantage of several money-making photo applications which I will review below.

The application concept is the same as most online photo trading sites, where you make photos and display them for sale.

It's just that, the place of sale and purchase is made in the form of an application plus superior features such as challenges, simple dashboards and so on. Aplikasi Kamera S10 Spesial Fitur Pengeditan Foto

Some applications are also not designed to be a place to buy and sell photos. In other words, users only need to post photos, comment or react to other users' photos.

Most of the applications are available on the Google Play Store and the App Store [iOS Store] which can be downloaded for free by anyone without age restrictions. Menghasilkan Uang dari Menjual Foto Secara Online dengan Cepat

It's just that, there is no guarantee that you will pay out each month. If you are serious and diligent, you will undoubtedly produce

5 Latest Money Making Photo Applications 2021

So, what are the money-making photo applications? Must be curious, right? Here's the list for you.

1. Foap — Sell your photos

First is foap which is one of the most popular mobile photo trading platforms among the others.
Money Making Photo Application
The way this application works is very simple, where you only need to upload the coolest photos you made and then get money.

You can also watch advertisements in the app, which allow you to earn coins. These coins can be used to participate in the premium Foap missions.

At first glance, the Foap application display is similar to social media, where you can interact, provide comments and reactions.

You can also follow other Foap members, to explore their photos or see what missions they participate in.

For me personally, this premium mission allows you to earn up to hundreds of dollars a month.

Because if there is a mission that is successfully completed, the user will get a foap balance of up to US $300. Also, available are premium missions with a total prize pool of up to $600.

It's just that, to follow this mission, you have to be really active in Foap and you have high quality photos.

How to register? For those of you who want to register on Foap, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, first download the Foap application on the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Once downloaded, open the application. Here, click on Start Using Foap to create a new account. You can also see the commands or features of the application by sliding each image of the money-making photo application.
  • There are two registration methods that Foap offers. First, Continue With Facebook or log in using Facebook, second, create an account or register manually using email. It's easier to use Facebook because the integration is done automatically. If you already have an account before, click the Login button at the top right of the screen. For example, I want to register using email, so just click the Create Account button.
  • Later, several registration fields will appear that require you to fill in your username, email and password. If so, click Create Account again. Usually, after registration, you are asked to verify the email that was used to register. So just open the email and click the verify button.
  • If the login is successful, there will automatically be a notification for uploading the first photo. If you already have a good stock photo, you can upload it to make your initial portfolio. If not, you can skip first to learn the features in the application.

Then just upload your best photos in the application to be included in the Foap premium contest or complete the missions in the application.

For information, if you are active in the application, you will get paid in four forms, including:

  • Foap market commission or commission for selling photos at Foap
  • Your Getty Commission
  • Your Mission rewards
  • And Your album Commission
  • Oh yes, the minimum Withdrwal in this application is $5 via paypal. Before withdrawrwal, make sure you have connected your Foap account with Paypal.

2. Premise

The next money-making photo apk is Premise, which is a multitask application with simple tasks such as sharing opinions, completing tasks or taking photos around you.
Money Making Photo Application
From his statement on the Play Store, Premise said that the task market among members is very fair, which means that every Premise user has the same opportunity to make money.

By joining Premise, you will become a contributor which requires you to share local knowledge.

The assignment given, said Premise, is based on the needs of the organization or sponsor who works with this application, so that the availability of tasks often changes.

From each given task you will generate rewards in the form of money which can be transferred directly to paypal.

How to register? For those of you who want to make money from Premise, here are the steps:

  • First download the Premise application on the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Once downloaded, open the application. Here you are immediately directed to the application homepage. If you have never created an account on this application, click the Register button which will redirect you to the registration page. There are two registration methods available in this application, namely Facebook and Google. Just choose one of the registration methods that you want money making photo app for
  • After registration, using Google, for example, there will be a notification to share your location. Since the way the premise works is to share local information, it's a good idea to activate this feature. To activate it, click on the Share Location moneymaking photo app button
  • If there is a task at that location, usually, you will be asked to complete the first task. Otherwise, click Start Moneymaking Photo App Tasks
  • Next you are asked to introduce yourself so that you can get paid and access to more assignments available in your area. At this point, click Continue making money-making photo apps
  • Usually, questions will appear and you just have to choose the appropriate answer option. First, related to the weather description in the area where you live, money-making photo application
  • Next, you are asked to take photos outside the room. To take a photo, click the Take Photo button Money-making photo app
  • Next, choose a location to help Premise map the weather conditions in your area. If the location accuracy is good, you will immediately be directed to the homepage of the money-making photo application

The premise considers its contributors a valuable resource in other words, your opinion and photos will be greatly appreciated here.

Thus, make good use of this application because, maybe, Premise will be the first application that allows you to earn hundreds of dollars every year.

3. Agora: The best pictures

Agora is one of the free money-making applications that allows its members to earn money through photos.
Money Making Photo Application
Apart from money, users can also get other attractive prizes including Marchandise and gift cards just by posting photos.

From his description on Google Playstore, Agora Images is a global photography network that connects every professional photographer around the world.

What's interesting about Agora is the image license or image copyright uploaded in this application.

Where, the uploader is fully licensed for the image or photo and is protected by a watermark or watermark.

So you don't need to be afraid if your photo is taken by someone else or uploaded on another platform.

So, how do you sell photos on Agora? To sell photos on Agora, here are the steps:

  • First, first download the Agora application on the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Once downloaded, open the application. Usually, you are immediately directed to the application homepage and for registration, click You or a money-making photo application profile
  • You will automatically be directed to the Register page. If you haven't created an account before, click Create Account. If you don't want to create an account, you can click the Continue as a Guest button or enter as a guest in the upper right corner of the money-making photo application screen.
  • There are several registration methods at Agora. First, use Facebook, second Google and thirdly register manually. Just choose the registration method you want money-making photo app for
  • After registration, you are asked to enter a username. Just enter the desired user name in the column provided. Don't forget to check the consent column for receiving email and accept term of conditions. If so, click Continue

Next, open the email and look for an email from Agora to verify registration and ensure that the email is still active.

FYI, your income will increase a lot if you take part in the photo contest held by Agora.

By entering the contest, you have the opportunity to take part in the Agora Awards which are held annually with a total prize pool of $25,000 or the equivalent of 325 million rupiah.

Oh! yes, you can also look for sponsors directly on the Agora application to finance your photography activities.

4. Shutterstock contributors.

Shutterstock is a microstock site that lets you sell any visual work on the platform.
Money Making Photo Application
Whether it's vector images, logos, illustrations, video footage, photos, royalty free music and so on.

To make money from this one platform, the method is very easy where you just have to register as a contributor and start uploading your visual work.

If the visual work is approved, you will be invited to become a regular contributor with unlimited earning potential.

If you are a photographer, the visual work is a photo. By becoming a contributor, you are selling your photos on Shutterstock.

If any of your photos are successfully sold, you will get a commission. The amount is not more than 51%.

And many photographers have managed to pay out hundreds of dollars from Shutterstock every month, including photographers from Indonesia.

How to register? Actually, I have reviewed how to register on Shutterstock at length in the previous article entitled how to list Shutterstock contributors.

However, here I want to review how to register in the Shutterstock version of the application. Here are the steps:

  • First download the Shutterstock contributor application on the Google Play Store or App Store. To make it easier, you can click this link
  • If so, please open the application. If you are just registering, click the Sign Up button for money-making photo applications
  • A registration column will appear which requires you to fill in your full name, email, password, Display Name or a name that will appear from the audience or consumer's side. After filling in each column correctly, don't forget to check the approval column then click Continue. Oh! yes, for the password, you are required to enter at least 8 characters, with one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.
  • Next, you are asked to verify the email that was used for the list. So just open the email and verify the link that Shutterstock sent there, the money-making photo application
  • After verification, please return to the application and complete your data as a contributor. Here, you are asked to fill in the country, address, city, province, zip code and telephone number. If so, click Continue

Done. At this point, you have managed to register as a contributor on the Shutterstock Application. Later, you will be directed to the application homepage to start uploading photos.

You can also open the site version to upload photos there. Before that, it's a good idea to read the requirements for uploading files on this platform so that your photos are not rejected.

5. EyeEM

EyeEM is the next photo application that will let you sell photos of your work with ease and simplicity.
Money Making Photo Application
In addition to being a place to buy and sell photos, EyeEm also prepares exposure and member levels so that they can improve their photography skills even better.

You can also use this platform to license your photos so that they cannot be used or resold on other platforms.

One of the advantages of selling photos on this platform is that your work will be continuously promoted either in the app, on their website or on their social media.

That way, the opportunity to get a bigger income, including input and criticism from the audience.

How to register? Following are the steps to register as a contributor on eyeEm:

  • First, first download the eyeEM application on the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Once downloaded, open the application. At this stage, you are immediately directed to the registration page. There are three registration methods available, namely using Facebook, Google or Gmail and Continue with email or register using regular email. Just choose one of the registration methods that you want money making photo app for
  • After registration, promotions for leading brands will usually appear. Here is a suggestion, it's better to first study the features in the eyeEm application. Therefore, if this promo appears, just click the Maybe Later button — the money-making photo application
  • Next, you are immediately directed to the application homepage. Which means, the registration process at eyeEm has been successfully carried out by the money-making photo application

You can also click Sing Up for Market for further registration as a consumer and contributor.

Which requires you to fill in further data such as name, address, zip code, city, country and age requirements.

One of the reasons why I created this article is to show you that making money from cellphone photos is not that difficult.

In other words, this is another version of the previous article that I discussed about the best online photo trading sites right now.

The odds are the same. Most importantly, you are consistent when taking photos whether it's from a DSLR camera or a cellphone camera, which will undoubtedly work. Trik Foto Produk Bermodalkan HP buat Jualan Online

Oh yeah, the above list of applications is also available in a web version. Except for some applications such as foap which focus on buying and selling photos on cellphones or smartphones.

Thus the article about 5 money-making photo applications for 2021. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.