Unused FF Redeem Codes (Latest Update 2021)

Unused FF Redeem Codes (Latest Update 2021)

Today I share the leaks of the latest Free Fire redeem code for free that has not expired and can still be used.

At the time this article was written, all codes were still active and 100% working, meaning they were still valid and could be used to exchange for various attractive prizes

What you should know, there are lots of sites that provide updated information on this kind of redeem code collection.

However, not all of them are officially from Garena, and not all of them apply to Indonesian servers.

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Moreover, information like this is highly sought after and accessible to everyone, so if you are not using the most recent list then it is most likely already used.

Latest Collection of Free Fire Redeem Codes 2021

The list of redeem codes that I have shared below at the time of writing this article can still be used.

When you read this article there may be some of the below list that are out of date, maybe because they are already used by many players.

But take it easy, this article will always be updated every month so that the list of redeem codes that are served is really still fresh.

Reedem Code List

The following is a collection of Free Fire reedem codes that are still active in 2021 and have not expired:

Update March 2021


Each code has a different prize, I suggest I redeem all the code above so you get a lot of prizes.

Don't know how to redeem it? Please follow the discussion below:

How to Redeem Free Fire Reedem Codes

Don't know how to redeem the redeem code? Take it easy, it's very easy.

Here are the steps you have to do:

Before starting, try to use a VPN, because some reedem codes may not be used for Indonesian servers.
  • Open the Reedem Free Fire Code Conversion Page .
  • Login Using a Social Media Account Associated with a Free Fire Account.
  • Enter the Reedem Code then Click Confirm.

If you just have to wait for the exchange gift to enter your Free Fire account, the prize will be sent via the Vault menu.

So that's my discussion this time regarding a collection of Free Fire redeem codes that have not expired and can still be used.