Download the Latest WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 2021, Display Similar to an iPhone!

Download the Latest WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 2021, Display Similar to an iPhone!
WA iPhone can change the appearance & features of WhatsApp Android to WA on iPhone (iOS)! Download the latest 2021 WhatsApp MOD iOS APK v8.70 application here.

WA iPhone aka WhatsApp iOS turns out to have a different appearance from WA Android, the display on the iOS system is arguably a little more attractive than Android. AutoResponder WhatsApp [Pro Unlocked] - Aplikasi Penjawab Pesan WA Otomatis

Even though it has the same features, this different appearance can be a disappointment for Android users.

But, now Android users can also try WhatsApp iOS with a more attractive appearance! You do this by using the WhatsApp MOD iOS application.

Download the Latest WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 (RA WhatsApp) v8.70 2021

WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 (v8.70) uses the base of Yousef Al-Basha's YoWhatsApp, so the sophistication of these features doesn't need to be doubted.

WA iPhone has a much more attractive appearance than it looks on the Android system, but it also has various functions that are no less good.

Starting from reading the deleted WA status to hiding online signs, everything can be done by this one MOD application.

You can also download a choice of dark or light theme files to use on WhatsApp iOS. You can download it directly at the link below.

Or via the following link:

Download WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 (Update v8.70)

Choice of WA iPhone APK Themes:

Download the light WhatsApp theme.

Download the dark WhatsApp theme.

WhatsApp MOD iOS features

After downloading WA iPhone via the link above, of course you will be even more excited about the choice of light or dark mode themes available.

The features offered by this application are very interesting for you to have. Some of them can even help you avoid chats or calls that you want to avoid.

For those who are curious, here are some of the features that you can use:

1. Anti Tire

Have you ever tried downloading an unofficial application? When downloading the forbidden WhatsApp application which is definitely non-official, usually your number will be blocked directly by the WhatsApp manager.

But, WA MOD iOS offers an advanced update in version 8.70. The update is anti-ban or anti-blocking for fair use.

With this feature, you can download and use this modified application safely without worrying about being blocked.

2. View Deleted Stories

There is a cooler feature that is not available in the official version, namely you can look back at the deleted story.

With this feature, you can still see the WhatsApp story even though the user has deleted the story before you have time to see it.

3. Hide Online Signs

WhatsApp MOD iOS can make WA invisible online even though you are chatting with other users.

Taking advantage of this feature can certainly make other people think that you are indeed busy so that you don't appear online.

Other iOS WA Features ...

Several other features were also added to make your experience in using this application easier to use.

The following is a list of WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 v8.70 features that you can try when using this application:
  • The expiration date is up to the next 1000 days.
  • New themes like GBWhatsapp Delta on messaging.
  • Can apply color gradations.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode
  • New groups and contacts.
  • Conversation pages and conversation entries are getting more realistic.
  • Message counter with an increasingly realistic iOS display.
  • New emojis.
  • Search bar (search column).
  • New chat bubble
  • New text input box
  • New video recording design
  • Fast settings button
  • Show / hide the phone icon in the group.
  • Emoji One v.4.5 Glax update.
  • Design for adding new emoticons.
  • Makes messages persist even after deleting.
  • Can change the appearance of the main page.
  • Can make the WA story appear on a home page like Instagram.
  • Only certain numbers can call WA users.
  • Can send WA messages without having to save the number first.
  • Group and contact privacy.
  • Stop last seen feature.
  • Attractive font choices.
  • Hide status while online.
  • Hide double tick or blue tick status.
  • See friends' stories without getting caught.
  • Makes messages unsustainable.
  • Making the WA story still exists even though it has been deleted by the creator.
  • Hide the microphone button from the chat page.
  • Hide typing status.
  • Hide the status while recording voice.
  • Can view friends activity (online, change profile photo, etc.).
  • Broadcast privacy.
  • Upload videos on the WA story for up to 5 minutes without being cut.
  • There are more than 4000 interesting themes from the YOThemes server.

The difference between WhatsApp MOD iPhone and regular WhatsApp

From the features that you have read above, I will summarize so that you can more clearly see the difference between the MOD version and the regular version.

How to Change WhatsApp Android to iPhone

If you don't know, you can read about how to change Android WA to iPhone WA in the explanation below.

  1. Download the WhatsApp MOD iOS APK and the WhatsApp iOS theme on the link I listed above. Later, Google will detect unknown apps, give permission to continue.
  2. After downloading, extract the WhatsApp iOS theme. Then, install the WA MOD iOS APK. Once installed, open the application.
  3. Click Agree and Continue. Then, enter the WhatsApp number that you will use in this WA MOD application. Click Continue and enter the verification number.
  4. When finished logging in, you will see a row of the latest features from WhatsApp MOD iOS V8.70 and others.
  5. Click Settings, then click Themes.
  6. Select Load Themes. Find the storage location for the WhatsApp iOS theme earlier.
  7. Done. The WhatsApp theme already looks like the iOS version.

That was an explanation of the latest WhatsApp MOD iOS 2021 along with the excellent features in it.