Lightroom Application Special Features APK

Lightroom Application Special Features APK
Many photo editing applications are now available, even applications that previously could only be used on laptop can now be used on smartphones. One of them is the Lightroom Mod APK application.

This application was developed by Adobe Systems and there are two versions, namely free and Premium. However, if you use the free version you can only use a limited number of features. Lightroom mobile - Koloro [Pro] Aplikasi Edit Sempurna

Now if you want to use all the features available, you have to upgrade the application to the premium version.

Because the premium version is paid for subscribing, many users find it difficult to find a way so they don't have to pay for it. Alternatively, you can use the Lightroom Pro Mod APK version.

This application is made by a third party that is not much different from the original version. For more details about this application, let's see the reviews below.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an editing application that can enhance colors and enhance your photos.

This application has been widely used by professional photo editing because it has very good features such as adjusting the lighting to make it look more natural.

There are several basic features such as saturation, contrast, temperature, highlights and others that are included in the Adobe Lightroom application. One of the most interesting is the preset filter effect that can make photos have very aesthetic colors.

More than that, the developer provides the latest updates so that the application can be used on smartphones. However, the developer provides two versions, namely premium and free.

Of course, you can only use this free version in a limited way, whereas to upgrade to the premium version you have to pay money.

This creates a dilemma for its users, especially for young people.

But take it easy, you don't need to worry because there are third parties who modify this application, so they can use the premium version for free.

The application is Lightroom Pro Mod APK, this is an alternative if you want to use the premium version for free without paying for it.

This Lightroom Premium Mod is very similar to the original one not much different. If you are interested in using this application, you must first know what features it has.

Lightroom Pro Mod APK features

Lightroom Pro Mod APK features
Of course this application is widely used because it has several sophisticated and cool features that can make an edited photo more colorful. The following features the Lightroom Mod application:

1. Can Set the ISO Lighting

The Lightroom Pro app is better in terms of ISO light adjustment. The ISO setting function makes it easy for you to adjust the light used to photograph a subject.

In photo editing, you have to adjust the brightness level according to the theme so that the resulting photo looks like a professional. The light function also makes it easier for you to adjust the brightness of the photo you are editing.

By adjusting the exposure in the photo, the resulting brightness can be adjusted according to ISO requirements.

2. Unlimited Layer

In other photo editing applications you can only use one layer to edit photos, using this application you can use multiple layers for the editing process.

Of course this is very helpful if you want to edit photos that are more than one layer so that photos can be edited to be more interesting.

3. Unlocked Full Preset

A preset is a filter to make a photo smoother and more colorful. In the original version you can only use a few presets and not all of them are open.

With this version of the Pro Mod APK you can unlock all the presets used for editing very high contrast photos.

4. Photo Cleaning Feature

In order for your photos to be cleaner and more perfect, you can use the removable spot feature and adjust the brush as a tool to clean blemishes or spots in the image.

With this function you can create a photo that is very clean and there are no dirt spots that can interfere with the beauty of the photo itself.

5. There is History Editing

If you are cool editing a photo and accidentally pressing the close button which makes you exit the application, you don't need to be afraid to repeat the photo editing process from the start.

Because this application has been equipped with an editing history feature that immediately saves the results of photo editing, and you can open your photo editing history.

6. Can Export HD Photos

Adobe Lightroom Pro provides a feature that can export the photos that you have edited with Full HD results.

With this feature, you don't need to be afraid anymore if the photos that you have edited and want to keep are not broken or reduce the quality of the photos.

7. Can Add Watermark

The photos that you edited are often taken by other people? To solve thingsYou can use the function of adding a watermark to your photos.

It is very annoying if we have bothered to edit a photo even if the photo was taken by someone else.

Now by adding this watermark, the photo that you have edited cannot be taken by other people because it has been given a sign that has your copyright.

However, if you don't want to use this watermark function, you can turn off this function in the settings menu.

8. No Ads

In the original or original version, when you use the application an ad will appear that can interfere with the photo editing process.

Now, if you use this Mod APK version, the advertisements that will appear can be prevented immediately from appearing on your smartphone.

Those are the features of the Lightroom Mod Pro APK application, if you want to try this application you can download it at the download link below.

Download Lightroom Mod APK

Download Lightroom Mod APK
There are old versions and latest versions that we provide for use, you can choose the one that suits you.

Both versions have the Mod APK function and can unlock all the full preset filter effects.

How to install the Lightroom Pro Mod APK application

If this is the first time you have downloaded the Mod APK version, you will definitely be confused about the installation process. Here are the steps for installing an application on a smartphone.

  1. The first step, you have to download the application by pressing the blue Download button above.
  2. Next open the Settings menu then select Security and activate the Install Applications Via Unknown Sources function.
  3. Open the APK File storage folder.
  4. Then do the Install process on the application.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. Done

That is the explanation about the Lightroom Mod APK application, by using this application of course you can make it easier to do the photo editing process.

Hopefully this article will be of use to all who read it. Thank you and see you soon.