How to Use the Most Complete VPN 2021 | Android, iPhone, PC

How to Use the Most Complete VPN
How to use the most comprehensive VPN (Android, iPhone, PC) to open sites blocked by the government or mobile operators.

Want to access sites / addresses of banned videos in your country? Or maybe for other needs?

Well, a VPN can be a solution! Not for accessing negative content on the internet, one of the functions of a VPN is to open Reddit forums or sites that are blocked by the government or providers. VPN Terbaik Untuk Game | Tech Vpn - Server VPN Premium

So this time I will share how to use a complete VPN for various platforms. Come on, let's listen!

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network aka VPN is a network that connects various networks on the internet, securely and anonymously, considering that your connection is not private.

Through a VPN, your traffic identity is claimed to be protected so that it is safer and avoids the so-called blocking.

Previously, I have fully reviewed what a VPN is and its uses, which you can read here: What is a VPN and its Useful List.

How to Use a Complete VPN on Various Platforms

Are you interested but don't know how to use a VPN? Maybe to access blocked social media, right?

Relax, below I have prepared a complete guide on how to use a VPN on all devices, whether on Android, iPhone, or on a laptop or PC.

1. How to Use a VPN on Android Without Root

First, you can use a VPN on Android armed with one of the best VPN applications today, namely Private VPN to access blocked sites.

In this tutorial on how to use a VPN, I will show you how to use VPN Private Android, one of the most popular VPN applications available today. Kecepatan dan Bandwidth Tak Terbatas | Power VPN PRO

VPN Private


  1. Open the Private VPN application, select which country network you want to connect to.
  2. Wait a few moments until your internet network is connected to the VPN. Done!
Now you can browse the internet as much as you want. If you want to disconnect from a VPN, just open the application and tap the Disconnect button.

2. How to Use a VPN on iPhone

Almost like how to use a VPN on an Android cellphone, how to use a VPN on an iPhone is also quite easy for you to do.

Come on, see the full review by using the Turbo VPN application below!

  1. Download Turbo VPN via the App Store
  2. Download and install the Turbo VPN application.
  3. Open the Turbo VPN application, agree to Touch ID access.

Wait a few moments, Turbo VPN will connect automatically with the best country for you.

3. How to Use a VPN on a Windows PC or Laptop

Apart from mobile devices, you can also use a VPN on a Windows PC or laptop which is widely used.

For the steps below, I am giving an example of using Tunnel Bear VPN.

Download Tunnel Bear VPN Windows here
  1. Download and install Tunnel Bear VPN Windows.
  2. Open the application, do the initial registration.
  3. To activate the VPN, slide the toggle at the top left until the sign is ON. Done!

Later you will be connected automatically to the best networks from other countries, for example Malaysia or Singapore.

How to Use a VPN Without Applications on Android Phones & Windows PCs

It's a bit troublesome if you have to install a separate application to access VPN.

But you can actually use a VPN without an application at all. Curious? Here are tips and tricks from me that can really make you practice!

1. How to use a VPN without an application via Opera Browser

For you PC or Windows laptop users, there is an alternative PC browser software besides using Google Chrome, namely the Opera Browser.

Opera itself has an integrated VPN feature so you don't need to install third-party software anymore.

How to? Check out the review. Download

  1. Download and install Opera Browser.
  2. Open the application, click the Opera icon> Settings> Advanced.
  3. On the right side of the screen, scroll down until the Advanced dropdown menu appears then click to display other settings.

Look for the VPN option and you can immediately swipe to Google to start activating the VPN network.

2. How to use a VPN on Xiaomi

The Android operating system actually already provides a built-in VPN function, but unfortunately, not many use this feature.

For those of you who don't know, here I will discuss how to use the default Android VPN using the MIUI 10 operating system from Xiaomi as an example.

  1. Visit the VPNBook website (https://www.vpnbook.com/).
  2. On the main page, scroll down until you find PPTP tap.
  3. Copy one of the VPN servers used along with the username and password used.
  4. For example on a Xiaomi cellphone with MIUI 10, all you have to do is go to the Settings menu> Wireless & Networks> More> VPN. However, previously you must activate a PIN or password to open it.
  5. Add VPN at the bottom, enter the VPN server address that you copied earlier from the VPNBook.
  6. Fill in the VPN name field and also the username and password according to the one on the VPNBook site.
  7. Swipe to Google VPN to activate it then select the VPN settings that you have made.

3. How to Use a VPN on Samsung

For Samsung users, this brand has provided a way to use their own VPN but you have to download an additional application.

  1. Download and install the Samsung Max application.
  2. Enable data saving mode to reduce data usage. Tap the Agree button to continue.
  3. Activate VPN mode to protect data privacy, tap the Start button to continue.
  4. Tap the Hamburger Menu icon in the middle left, then tap Upgrade to Premium.
  5. In the Premium Plan column, tap the green Upgrade button.
  6. Tap the Privacy Protection button to activate the VPN.

In the future, this button can be directly used as a way to activate VPN on Samsung directly! Download Apk MOD VPN

How to Open a Blocked Site Without Additional Applications (100% Works)

Those are the tips and tricks from me about how to use a VPN on various platforms, such as Android, iPhone, and Windows PC.

Oh yes, I just suggest that you use a VPN for positive things and don't use it when accessing online banking services.

If you have other opinions about how to use a VPN, don't hesitate to share in the comments below!