7 Sci-Fi Movie Predictions That Come True

7 Sci-Fi Movie Predictions That Come True
Sci-fi films do not only provide the audience with imagination and wishful thinking. Not a few of the sci-fi films correctly predict the technology of the future!

Have you ever imagined that when you watch a sci-fi or science fiction film, you think that what is in the film will exist or be present in the future?

Make no mistake, it starts with dreams and dreams that can inspire technology and civilization in the future because of the imagination that has been formed.

Maybe you remember technologies such as augmented reality, drones, and jetpacks all originated from imagination and wishful thinking formed from the art of sci-fi films.

Well, in this article I will give you a number of predictions and predictions of technology reviews that have occurred in the real world after previously being filmed in sci-fi films.

Sci-fi films like Star Trek or Star Wars have inspired future generations to create fantasy and reality in our modern world.

In a sci-fi film we may have encountered or heard the statement that facts can be stranger than fiction. Because what was filmed had not yet appeared at that time.

So, so that you are not curious anymore, here is a sci-fi film that has become a reality by Seosuneo. Listen to the end, OK!

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence first appears in the film Ex Machina. The film offers a terrifying view of the future of AI.

So it raises questions about the implications of the potential dangers and consequences of interacting with very intelligent android-made creatures.

In fact, according to Peter Scott, a former computer engineer at NASA. He said that it could be that the development of AI has matched the one in Ex Machina with the physical condition of a human-like android.

2. Smartphone

Have you ever watched the Disney 1999 film Smart House? In this film, a house is run by a robot called PAT (Personal Applied Technology) which can receive and respond to voice commands.

Apart from that PAT can also control homework and perform tasks. PAT can even learn about residents' habits, make phone calls, and so on.

Come to think of it, these technologies are now around us, such as robotic cleaners connected to Wi-Fi, smart TVs (Smart TVs), automatic CCTV, and security systems. All of these devices are connected and controlled by a single device.

3. Video Conference

If you have watched the Aliens or Bladerunner films, you can see that they have predicted the presence of video conferencing in the future.

Now that technology is present with software such as Skype, FaceTime, and so on. Even as if this technology is verified from the accurate predictions in the Sci-Fi film.

Even though the concept was predictable, the appearance of the video calling device in the film still seems old-fashioned compared to the retro designs in future technology.

4. Jet Packs

For fans of the Iron Man character, you will know that the first time Robert Downey Jr. appeared, he really brought his character to life in a film with jetpacks technology.

Of the many designated superhero powers, being able to fly is what everyone craves most. However, until now there has been no jetpack that can be used as round trip transportation.

So far only Richard Browning has developed a suit that effectively gives the wearer flight and "wings". With a total of six jets attached to your arms and legs, it can propel you to speeds in excess of 50 km per hour.

5. Translator Tool

Translator technology has also been included in sci-fi films. In The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you will see the prediction of the main technology in it is "Babel Fish".

A device placed in a person's ear to translate foreign languages ​​in real-time. In fact, this tool has been developed to make it even more sophisticated.

Currently, the real form of this technology is like the Google Assistant with a language translator mode that can translate languages ​​in real-time thanks to AI.

6. Gesture Control

Have you ever used technology with voice control and facial recognition? It turns out that these are just some of the many technologies that appeared in the 2002 film Minority Report.

We have encountered this technology, such as the Kinect Sensor from Microsoft with the Leap Motion controller, which allows you to use your hands to interact with the world of visual reality.

The latest is the Huawei 30 Mate smartphone, which has a motion sensor on top of the screen, allowing users to move pages and screenshots without touching the phone at all.

7. Autonomous Cars

Long in 1990, the Total Recall film presented a technology feature that was quite accurate in the future.

The characters in this film take advantage of Johnny Cabs are taxis driven by automatic taxi drivers.

Is this technology here? Many of the world's leading car manufacturers are developing autonomous cars, and it is even predicted that the Asian continent will use them for the first time.

Those were the summaries and reviews of sci-fi films that have predicted various technologies in the future. Have you watched all of these sci-fi films?

Which other sci-fi film technology do you think predicts the technology of the future? Share in the comments column too!