Instagram and Facebook Share Extra Bonuses for Creators | Here's How

Instagram and Facebook Share Extra Bonuses for Creators

Do you like creating content on Instagram or Facebook? The more diligent the live stream, well, so you can get extra money from Zuckerberg!

There's good news, here, for creators on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are now developing new ideas to help creators earn extra income.

This latest idea was announced directly by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Creator Week event.

With this new program, creators can earn extra income by achieving certain milestones while doing live streams.

Instagram creators can earn bonuses by selling badges during a live stream, or when they live stream with other creator accounts.

Share Extra Bonuses for Creators

In addition, Zuckerberg also revealed a new way for creators to earn commissions from endorsement uploads.

With this change, brands can set a commission fee for the products they sell on Instagram.

Creators who tag the product in their uploads will earn a commission based on the number of products sold through the upload.

Instagram itself will be testing this commission program with various creators and brands in the United States, such as Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs and Sephora.

Not only that, Instagram also allows all creators to connect online stores to their Instagram profiles.

Zuckerberg has previously revealed a teaser about this feature, but it's only now starting to roll out to creators.

Meanwhile, creators on Facebook can also get that bonus by participating in the Stars Challenges.

By following it, creators will get bonuses for meeting predetermined live stream targets and completing various other missions.

Apart from providing additional income for creators, this idea will also encourage them to upload more content for their fans on Facebook and Instagram.

"We believe that you should be rewarded for the value you provide to your fans and the community as a whole," Zuckerberg told Engadget, Thursday (10/06/2021).

At this event, Zuckerberg also stated that Facebook will start taking commissions from creators' earnings by 2023.

Even so, he stressed that Facebook's cut won't be as big as Apple and others who take a commission of 30% of creators' earnings.

Zuckerberg also revealed that Facebook will continue to make paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges and independent news products free for creators until 2023.

In addition, Zuck also announced that Facebook will be rolling out a new view for creators, so they can monitor any expenses that affect their earnings on Facebook.

Reporting from The Verge on Wednesday (09/06/2021), according to the image display example circulating, creators will be able to see a breakdown of their income that has been deducted from taxes and other deductions.

The launch date of this new look has not yet been announced, so let's just wait.