Download Mango Live MOD APK Latest, Unlock Room + VIP Free!

Come on, try downloading the latest Mango Live MOD APK so you can enjoy hundreds or even thousands of live videos every day!
Come on, try downloading the latest Mango Live MOD APK 2021
Who has never watched a live broadcast on social media? Currently, there are so many streamers milling about in various applications.

Not only playing games or reviewing cosmetics, many of them also show their skills by singing or dancing.

Maybe you've been more familiar with BIGO, the most favorite live streaming application in Southeast Asia.

But there are still many similar applications that are no less cool, especially this one. Point, come on!

Download Mango Live MOD APK v3.3.7 Latest 2021

Download Mango Live MOD APK v3.3.7 Latest 2021
This live broadcast application known as Mango Live was developed to provide a special channel for live streaming lovers, both viewers and broadcasters.

Its use, which is no less easy than live on Instagram, also makes the application quite liked by many users on the internet.

Unfortunately, to enjoy all the features such as opening certain rooms, you need VIP status which can be obtained by topping up a certain nominal amount.

Fortunately, now you can download the MOD version of Mango Live which provides various features for free. If you are curious, just download it below.

Download Mango Live MOD APK v3.3.7

Download the Latest Mango Live MOD APK

How to Install Mango Live MOD APK

Because it is not an original application that you downloaded through the Google Play Store, of course the installation method is a bit different.

Therefore, see my explanation below on how to install the latest Mango Live MOD APK to unlock all VIP Rooms for free below:
  • Download Mango Live MOD APK via the link I have provided above.
  • Wait a few moments for the application to finish downloading.
  • Enter the Settings menu, then look for the Licensing Settings option. Click the Install from Unknown Source option and click Save.
  • Open the save file and look for the downloaded Mango Live MOD APK. Click on the file and hit the Install option.

Main Features of Mango Live

Main Features of Mango Live
Before I tell you about the excellent features of Mango Live MOD, it's a good idea to know about the basic/innate features of this application.

Similar to other live streaming applications, you can watch other people's live or even create your own live streaming room.

Well, to be clearer, you can see my explanation below:

1. Watch and do live broadcast

The main function of this application is more or less the same as other live streaming applications that provide the feature of watching and broadcasting live videos.

Those of you who like to share your daily life by going live can do live broadcasts easily, as well as those of you who prefer to just watch.

With thousands or even millions of users, you will be able to find many types of videos and also many viewers at the same time.

Next, you decide whether you want to watch or be watched. Both are equally entertaining, really!

2. Simple interface

Simple interface
The first impression of an application is of course judged by the appearance of its interface or interface. How does it look and features?

Well, for those of you who are curious, this application made by the company of the same name provides many useful features that are easy to use and not boring.

Perfect for those of you who don't like being complicated and easily bored!

3. Highlights of the live broadcast

No less fun than watching TV on a laptop, watching live broadcasts on Mango Live is also full of fresh entertainment.

The Highlights feature makes the videos with the most responses appear on the main homepage. So, it will be easy for you to find a show that you like.

That's why, you don't need to scroll or search for videos, because all trending videos with the coolest broadcasters are automatically available on the home page.

4. Live broadcast available for 24 hours

As if there is no time limit, you will never run out of live broadcasts to watch because Mango Live users are scattered in various other countries.

So, if live activity in your country stops, users in other countries are certainly still active and ready to entertain you with various videos recorded in real-time.

5. Find new friends and exchange gifts

Not only can you watch and be watched, you can also interact with other users. Got a new friend, okay!

You can also invite your friends or fans to live together to make it more crowded, especially if you do a challenge together!

Don't forget to be a good friend by sending gifts, you can also send gifts to your favorite streamers.

If you are one of the streamers, the gifts you get from fans can be exchanged for real currency, such as  dollars. Cool, right?

6. Video effects what makes you more beautiful

As a streamer, of course, you have to appear representative in front of your audience.

Don't worry, although there are no ugly effects to be beautiful like on Instagram, the camera of this application already has various built-in effects.

Very practical, right? The presence of these features is ready to make you look special, funny, and more beautiful. Make fans melt even more!

Advantages of Mango Live MOD APK

If earlier I discussed the basic features that are interesting and can be enjoyed by everyone for free, now I want to discuss the premium features of the MOD, gang.

Starting from unlocking all rooms, free VIP status, unlimited live chat, and much more. Read more below!

1. Can unlock all rooms

Can unlock all rooms
Don't want to spend coins and diamonds to open various available rooms?

Don't worry, with this MOD version, all the rooms will open automatically, you know. Excellent!

2. Get all VIP features for free

Want to enjoy premium features without having to pay? You can, please.

Here are some VIP features that you will get for free by installing a modified application:
  • Free live chat
  • Private chat
  • Live streaming with multiple people at once
  • Add friends automatically during live broadcast
  • There is a live room display for free coins or diamonds
  • Live hack since level 1
  • More beauty effects

3. No ads

No ads
This one feature is a favorite of every user in any application. Who the heck, who likes ads that suddenly appear?

With this MOD, you will no longer encounter various ads that interrupt your viewing.

Difference Mango Live Mango Live MOD APK vs Original

To summarize the explanation above, I have a comparison table between the MOD APK version of Mango Live and the original version that you can download on the Play Store.

It's really fun, live streaming using Mango Live MOD APK 2021, right? This application is easy to use, complete, and not boring.

In addition, the special features that you will get through the file that I provided above will also increase your excitement in using it.Mango Live MOD APK 2021