The 5 Most Difficult Mysteries to Solve That Surprise Scientists

The 5 Most Difficult Mysteries to Solve That Surprise Scientists
Today, there are still many archaeologists who are looking for and studying the priceless cultural relics of the past.

Of the many discoveries that exist on Earth, it turns out that not all discoveries have satisfactory results. Many treasures of the past that still leave many mysteries.

In addition to discoveries that make it difficult for scientists to solve, there are also mysteries that are considered unsolvable to this day.

Many call this mystery the strangest and can not be explained rationally, what is it?

1. Pauline Picard

Pauline Picard
Right in April 1922 Pauline Picard suddenly disappeared from his family home and farm located in Brittany, France.

After undergoing a search, the police finally found a child who was similar or similar to Pauline's characteristics.

The boy's discovery was in a town located about 300 kilometers from Brittany.

But a month later, strange things appeared when a farmer found the body of a little girl near Picard which was none other than Pauline's plantation.

This then sparked many opinions that the girl who returned to her family was Pauline's doppelganger.

2. Pollock Brothers

Pollock Brothers
Sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock, died in a tragic accident as they were both heading to church in 1957.

But the parents of the two brothers, John Florence, wanted their child to live again because they could not accept the loss so quickly.

However, unexpectedly a year later, the two parents were blessed with two twins and named Jennifer and Gillian.

Strange things began to happen, Gillian the older brother, turned out to have a faint birthmark on his right eyebrow, where it was the wound that caused Joanna to die.

Likewise with his sister, Jenniffer, he has a birthmark on the back, exactly the position of the wound that killed Jacquelline.

Three years later, their two daughters Gillian and Jennifer suddenly asked their parents to take a vacation to Hexham.

Of course John and Florence were surprised to hear this, but John agreed because he also wanted to remember the city they once lived in.

From here, the weirdness happens again. When they got to Hexham, Gillian and Jennifer knew the names of the streets there.

They also know the shortcuts to school, they know where the playground is, they know where John's old house is, they even know the names and houses of Joanna and Jacquelline's friends. Accidental?

3. The Story of the SS Ourang Medan

The Story of the SS Ourang Medan
The incident occurred about two years after Indonesia's independence day, in 1947, to be precise. The ship sailing in the Malacca strait received an SOS signal from an unknown ship.

The signal reported that all the crew of the ship to the captain of the ship were dead. Even the sender of the message explained that he was also dying.

After being traced, it seems that this message was sent from a Dutch cargo ship known as the SS Ourang Medan.

Sure enough, when the American ship was doing the rescue, the condition of the SS Ourang Medan itself looked tilted.

Mentioned, all the crew of the ship was found in a state of lifeless with a state of shock. When going to the dock this ship exploded by itself. However, the truth of this mystery story is still debated today.

4. Disappearance of Charles Ashmore

Disappearance of Charles Ashmore
Sixteen-year-old Charles Ashmore of Quincy, Illinois stepped out on a cold November night in 1878 to fetch water from a well.

Surprisingly, he never came back. Worried for his safety, his father and sister went to look for him with lanterns. Thanks to a thin layer of freshly fallen snow, they were able to follow in his footsteps.

About halfway to the well, the trail had come to a complete stop, with no sign of jumping or slipping.

They rushed to the well to see if he had fallen, but it was impossible considering the well was covered in ice, which meant it would take hours to solidify again if Charles fell into it.

The two return home, dumbfounded by Charles' disappearance. Her mother paced from the house to the well, looking for answers and clues that were nowhere to be found.

On his fourth day patrolling the area, he heard Charles' voice calling out to him, coming from a different direction as he stood by the well.

"Charlie, where are you? Tell us how to find you," she answered in her very clear voice, even though she couldn't be seen.

This went on for months, with family and neighbors both hearing his voice.

Over time, Charles' calls grew dimmer and seemed to be from a greater distance in an unidentifiable direction. In the middle of summer, he is the same never heard.

5. Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov Pass
The Dyatlov Pass tragedy is the biggest mystery in the history of climbing in Russia. In 1959, a group of students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute were mysteriously found dead while climbing the Ural Mountains, Russia.

The reason is, after being found, the condition of the bodies of the nine climbers, consisting of seven men and two women, is very concerning.

The deaths of these nine people were so strange that it caused everyone to be confused. The results of the investigation stated that the nine climbers died due to hypothermia.

However, the results of the post-mortem have actually raised various theories as well as an important question: what made the climbers forced out of the tent to make them lose their lives?

Three climbers were seriously injured. But the worst was experienced by Lyudmina Dubinina who lost her tongue, eyes, part of her lips, part of her facial tissue and a few bones of her skull. Even the skin on his hands was blistered.

Many theories have emerged regarding this strange event. After 60 years of this case, the Russian police had to reopen the investigation process in February 2019.

Those are some of the most difficult mysteries to solve. Do you agree with this list that I made?

Are there any other mysteries to add to this list? Don't forget to leave your comments in the comments column, OK!