How to Play Axie Infinity Starting From Scratch!

Recently, my friend always got news about Axie Infinity? And often wonder what game is this? Naturally, this Axie Infinity game has found its popularity even though this game is not listed on the Google Play Store or the Apps Store. Not a few people have asked how to play Axie Infinity from scratch. Don't worry, if you are one of the curious people, you can check out the reviews here!

Axie Infinity itself is a game application, which is built on a blockchain. For those who don't know Blockchain, Blockchain itself is a new technology developed for digital data storage systems. These technologies are connected through cryptography and use

In Axie Infinity, there are tokens or NFTs that cannot be exchanged for granted. Axie infinity that stands on the blockchain can give prizes that can be exchanged for money just by playing this axie infinity game. Axie Infinity itself carries a unique cartoon animation. Where players must collect giants called axies, also players must fight each other with other player's axies.

That's roughly the explanation of the Axie Infinity Game which can be played and downloaded through the site directly. How? it's pretty clear isn't it? If you understand, you can see how to play the Axie Infinity game from scratch in the review below!

How to Play Axie Infinity Game Easily

how to play Axie Infinity from scratch
Of course, playing the Axie Infinity game is quite easy, so that new players are not confused and mistaken when playing it, you can see the explanation of how to play the Axie Infinity game here:
  • First, please, my friend, prepare your device with a stable internet connection. Then open the browser, and please visit the axieinfinity.com site
  • If you have, you will go to the main page, here you can verify I'M Not A Robot first
  • After that, my friend can directly click the Play Now button
  • Then, here you can choose to use the platform that will be used to play this Axie infinity (you can play this game via iOS Mobile, Android, even MAC OS.

Note: If you want to play Axie Infinity via PC, you must download the Axie Infinity game first. You can download and extract the file. Then just follow the instructions given until the application installation process is successful.

  • Before you play this Axie Infinity game, it is recommended that you buy three axies first. for the purchase of axie itself, users can choose the options available at axieinfinity.com
  • In addition, new players must also have 2 Cryptos to be able to make purchases later, namely MetaMask and also Ronin Wallet
  • That's just a recommendation, if you don't want to buy it, that's fine too. Buddy can directly click the Login option in the upper right corner, and also please select Login With MetaMask
  • If so, here users can Top Up Crypto using MetaMask. Users can also use Ronin Wallet
  • After that, you can enter pitched again, and please select the Axie you want
  • Here please re-purchase. Don't forget to check your inventory first, whether the axie that has been purchased has entered or not
  • Next, you can get the Axie that you bought just now, just open the Axie Invinity application that you have installed on your device
  • After entering the game, my friend can immediately play, then please select the desired game mode. There are two modes in the game, namely Adventure and Arena.
Note: as explained, if you make an Axie purchase but the Axie has not appeared, you can select the axie icon in the lower left corner, then click Sync Axie
  • It's time to play Axie infinity and win the prize!

That's how to easily play the Axie Infinity game from scratch. Indeed, to play this game, initial capital is needed in order to continue to enter the game. However, if the player understands the game and its tricks, the user will get a return on investment, and can even get a bigger profit. In order to understand the existing tricks, my friend can join through the community between Axie players spread across several platforms.

How to earn money in Axie Infinity Game

So, surely all Axie Infinity players want prizes or the money they get to increase pocket money. Calm down, Axie Infinity does make money, here's how to get money in Axie Infinity!
  • The first step that you must follow is that you have to go to the dashboard on the Web axieinfinity.com
  • Then if you have entered the axie infinity web, friends, please sync your SLP
  • Thus, you can directly transfer your SLP to your Ronin wallet, and back to your Ethereum (MetaMask) wallet.

Note: Before you make a transfer, you can download make sure first that you already have Ether. Ether itself serves to fund transfers later

  • Finally, you can visit the BoomX Facebook page. Here you have to tell them in advance if you want to cash out your SLP into Pesos.

Well, the SLP that you get at this time, you can cash out in a maximum of 12 days. Why so? they claim this is to prevent bots. When you sell to BloomX, they send money either in cash or using the user's account.

Is There A Capital Scholarship On Axie Infinity?

There is information that at Axie Infinity there is a Scholarship program. Is that true? The answer is correct. Scholarships at Ax Infinity itself were built by the community of Axie Infinity itself. The purpose of the scholarship is, for friends who become newcomers (players), later they will be given capital to play Axie Infinity. This is why the Axie infinity community is pretty solid, as it usually helps each other out.

If you already know how to play and have joined the community, you can also become a capital donor for other new players. The purpose of this capital donor or scholarship is to make the Axie Infinity game more popular and more popular.

This capital donation or scholarship makes you dare to play so you can buy some action yourself without having to be afraid of risk. In the community, you can also learn about Axie Infinity such as playing techniques, tips and tricks, and more. Of course, learning and tutoring is done by experienced players!