Nano Miner Free Bitcoin Mining Application Using Smartphone / PC / Laptop

Nano Miner Free Bitcoin Mining Application Using Smartphone / PC / Laptop - What is Nano?. Nano is a Cryptocurrency that specializes in instant and silent transactions. Nano was previously known as RaiBlocks.

The author takes this opportunity as well as browsing the internet while mining bitcoins, doing calculations to increase the capital to buy internet packages and thanks again if you can do more for others.

Nano Miner is a web-based mining application that must be opened using a browser and an internet connection either using a smartphone / pc or laptop. From the author's experience, mining using an old school laptop, mining speed below 100 on average in the 50-60s, then using the latest laptop but with standard specs for college students in the mining area, the mining speed is below 300, on average around 250-260, mining using an Android smartphone has a speed that is under 200s, it takes about 1 hour to get 10 uXRB.

The latest trial using a PC at the Core i3 office, the mining speed is less than 900s and in 10 minutes 10 uXRB has been collected (you can withdraw the mining results to a nano wallet) hehe,,,, what if you can mine online for 24 hours? guaranteed to flood our wallets.

Especially if you use a gaming laptop or computer that is specifically for mining, I'm sure the results will be JOZZ.
Then where can we make a wallet or nano wallet?
You can get a Nano Wallet or wallet at nanowallet.io or from nano.org or from binance.com.

Open the web mining here: nano-miner.com (recommendations open via chrome and temporarily turn off anti-virus)
After that enter the address of our wallet or nano wallet and click start mining
Nano Miner Free Bitcoin Mining Application Using Smartphone / PC / Laptop
After collecting more than 10 uXRB, we can click the withdraw button, but the new rule is that now 1 account can only withdraw 1 time within 24 hours.
It takes about 5 minutes for your Nano coins to land in your account, there is also a notification via email.

Our servers struggle to keep up with payments. To keep the waiting time for payment to start lower, we've decided to limit the payment frequency to one payment per address per 24 hours. Thank you for understanding.
Why should I disable my adblocker or anti virus?

Many ad creators and even some antivirus blocks block mining scripts because they have been abused by many websites. To mine Nano here, therefore you have to disable adblock or anti-virus for a while.

That's all I can share on this occasion about Nano Miner Free Bitcoin Mining Applications Using Smartphones / PCs / Laptops, hopefully it will be useful for bitcoin seekers friends and good luck.