The figure of Rara, the Viral Rain Handler at the Mandalika Circuit

The Mandalika Circuit, which was supposed to be held at 14:00 WIB, was postponed due to heavy rain and lightning strikes. The figure of Raden Rara Isti Wulandari or who is often called Rara then became viral in the spotlight because of his duties as.
The figure of Rara, the Viral Rain Handler at the Mandalika Circuit
"So, Dorna and Mandalikanya asked for it to rain in the morning, while trying not to rain in the afternoon. Why is that, because this is so that the asphalt can be slightly wet but not flooded or flooded, so just make it wet," explained Rara to the coil. , Saturday (19/3).

However, the rain in fact still fell when the Mandalika MotoGP race was about to be held. In fact, lightning struck the track. Even so, Rara as the rain handler at the Mandalika MotoGP carried out his duties on the sidelines of the rain and the postponement of the MotoGP race.
In the live MotoGP broadcast, Rara was seen walking along the Mandalika Circuit and the pit lane area while issuing special movements and readings.

Rara is seen wearing a white project helmet, wearing a typical jacket with a typical Indonesian cloth motif, and not wearing footwear. He appears to be carrying a special tool, one like a saucer and the other like a small stick in his hand and banging on the tool.

The rain finally stopped and the race started an hour after the delay due to rain at the Mandalika Circuit. So, who exactly is Rara, the rain handler at the Mandalika Circuit?

Judging from the uploads on her personal Instagram account, Rara is indeed a 'smart person'. He actively shares his activities when he makes predictions using tarot cards to when he is carrying out his duties as a rain charmer.

Especially for her action as a rain handler, Rara's flying hours cannot be doubted. He has been poor across various events, even at the level of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

In one of her uploads, Rara also launched her action at the Thanksgiving event for Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amin's victory in the Indonesian Election, April 2019.

"By the grace of God, His blessing can be given, the weather is bright and cheerful. Earlier there was a demonstration at the KPU and it was raining, here it rained and then we prayed for it to be sunny," Rara wrote on Instagram in April 2019.

Rara also showed her action at the Bali Laughter event in July 2019 where the MURI yoga laughing record was held. There, Rara performed her actions to ward off the rain.

Several SOE Ministry events have also become an event for Rara to show off, such as at the SOE Joint Vaccination Center in March 2021. In her upload, Rara is seen performing special incantations at the event location.

In addition to predicting using tarot cards and being a rain handler, Rara, who calls herself an indigo, also predicted the Sriwijaya Air (SJ-182) plane crash in January 2021.