6 Tips to Avoid Bitcoin Scams

6 Tips to Avoid Bitcoin Scams - Lately the price of Bitcoin has continued to climb as well as other coins, this is the reason why many people are interested in trying the latest alternative types of money. It didn't take long for some people to realize the benefits of decentralizing money.
6 Tips to Avoid Bitcoin Scams
This happens because Bitcoin has nothing to do with the banking system in general, such as high fees, bureaucracy, external factors at the currency level and others. Today, many global companies have decided to work with digital money systems.

With the increase in Bitcoin this is also an opportunity for bad people to commit Bitcoin scams. In the last 4 years, Bitcoin fraud data can be summed up in hundreds of millions of USD. The data is not 100% final because there are still many victims of fraud who do not report the case.

Here are some tips to avoid Bitcoin scams that you can keep in mind

Tip 1: Don't Be Fooled With Easy Things

Usually the fraudsters in bitcoin fraud send a bitcoin address and a private key at random this is done to ask to send money to someone's email address. The fraudsters have a mode as if you are going to take money from someone, but what happens is the opposite.

In a text file sent to you, an executable exe file has actually been inserted, and if you have installed it, the fraudster already has access to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Tip 2: Be careful with suspicious links

Don't be fooled by unknown or suspicious links. Because in your email there must be a lot of Bitcoin offers from some popular Bitcoin services that advise you to visit a WEB site, which there will use information from your Bitcoin wallet.

Tip 3: Beware of Ads from Google

Be careful of advertisements issued by Google, because many fraudsters deliberately buy an ad space through Google AdWords by referring to links to sites owned by these scammers.

Usually the appearance of the site has the appearance of a popular Bitcoin site such as BTC-e or Blockchain. So if you find an ad like that, immediately report it to Google so that the ad is removed, so that there are no victims of fraud.

Tip 4: Avoid Unreasonable Offers

If there is an offer to increase Bitcoin quickly, do not be easily attracted because it is very vulnerable to Bitcoin scams. What you need to remember is that there is no business that you can get instantly.

Tip 5: Don't Download from Suspicious Sites

If you like downloading, for this Bitcoin business you have to be more careful. Do not download software from unknown or suspicious sites, because these usually contain viruses that can steal your Bitcoins.

Tip 6: Separate the E-Wallet Computer from the Daily Computer

To maintain the security of your Bitcoin e-wallet, separate the computer from your daily computer, and disconnect the internet if not needed. Because data theft is usually done through sites connected to the Internet.

However, even though Bitcoin security has been carried out, it is not impossible that more sophisticated Bitcoin Fraud cases are difficult to avoid. As you may have heard of exchange fraud cases, cloud mining mining services and many others.

Here are some examples of fraud cases regarding Bitcoin:

The magnitude of Bitcoin-related losses is usually associated with Bitcoin Savings & Trust ($1,834,301), Mt. GOX ($450,000,000) and MyBitcoin ($1,110,455). however, there are some last things that have not been clarified whether as fraud or not, because there is no evidence that can be shown. But many people have lost their money there.

Bitcoin Savings & Trus or previously known as “First Pirate Saving & Trust” is a virtual money protection. And has promised to pay off to people who have already invested Bitcoin there.

However it all includes the typical Ponzi scheme by definition Mt. Gox is a popular Bitcoin exchange headquartered in Tokyo. And it was opened in 2010, even in 2013 it was able to handle 70% of all Bitcoin transactions. In 2014 Mt. Gox declared bankrupt due to Hacking.

The proceeds of this crime as many as 850,000 Bitcoins were stolen. But in this case it is still difficult to explain the real reason, is it a theft, mismanagement or fraud? Or even a combination of these 3 factors.

My Bitcoin was the friendliest and easiest online wallet in 2011. But it was so short-lived that it just disappeared with all the money from its users.

Those are all some ways to avoid Bitcoin scams and examples of cases in Bitcoin. Hopefully it can be a lesson for you to be more careful in managing money in the online world.