WhatsApp Business, the Right Application for Businessmen

WhatsApp Business, the Right Application for Businessmen - Seeing the very significant business development especially among young people, now WhatsApps has released the WhatsApp for Business application, where this application is intended for business people such as Small Businesses and Companies classified on a large scale. And WhatsApps Business is also very suitable for those of you who do online business or sell products online.

This is because WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that uses internet services and without any message restrictions. In addition, WhatsApp can also make speed calls to fellow users. Therefore, it can be predicted that with the support of the WhatsApp Business application for business people, WhatsApp will be increasingly popular, right?

WhatsApp Business, the Right Application for Businessmen

According to the results of comscore's research on the use of the WhatsApp application in Indonesia based on data in January 2017 that the WhatsApp application ranks first in the instant messaging application with a total of 35.8 million users. This means that the WhatsApp application is the number one most popular application .

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is an application that can be used by business people in marketing products and communicating with consumers, both small business businesses engaged in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and large companies. WhatsApp is guided by WhatsApp users who not only use the application to send private messages, but to channel their business to all consumers or other users. Called WhatsApp Business because it is intended for business people and is also equipped with features that support business activities.

Differences WhatsApp Messenger with WhatsApp Business

Maybe you will think that using the WhatsApp Messenger application can communicate with customers and you don't need to use WhatsApp Business. And you need to know that the two applications have different features. What are the differences? The following is the difference between WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business:

1. Application Logo and Appearance

As you can see above, the logos used in the two WhatsApp applications are very different. In WhatsApp Messenger, the logo image is in the form of a phone handle, while in the WhatsApp Business application the image on the logo is incorrect, namely the capital "B" letter. Apart from that, you can see other differences from the application theme color, WhatsApp Mesengger has a green theme color while WhatsApp Business has a Light Blue Dark Theme color.

2. Application Profile

WhatsApp Business has a business profile feature that aims to let existing or new customers know information about your business, including business description, location or address, category, email, and website. While WhatsApp Messenger only displays the user's name, brief information, and phone number.

3. User Account Name

On WhatsApp Messenger users can easily change the name of their account without any time limit. However, you cannot do the same on the WhatsApp Business application because the account name cannot be changed, once you create a name, the name will be used forever. Therefore, you have to really and confirm the name before using it.

4. Using a Home or Work Phone Number

You need to know that in this WhatsApp Business application, in addition to using a cellphone number, it turns out that you can also use a home or work phone number. However, WhatsApp advises not to change phone numbers and must specify a permanent mobile number.

5. Auto Message Feature

WhatsApp Business has three automatic messaging features and these features are not present in WhatsApp Messenger. Away messenger, activate this feature if there is an incoming message from a customer outside of working hours or when the business is closed, a message reply will automatically be sent.

6. Greetings and Quick Reply Features

Greeting feature (Greeting message), you can use this automatic message feature to new customers to greet them as an initial greeting. In addition, with this feature business owners can offer customers a whole new product. You can activate the greeting feature and change the default text by pressing the vertical three dots >> Business Settings >> Greetings

Quick replies feature, you can also reply to incoming messages with a statement message to consumers who sent messages. You can also change the default Quick Reply Text as needed

7. Message Statistics

You can view message statistics on the WhatsApp Messenger application, the number of messages sent, messages sent, messages read and messages received. With the presence of this feature, business people can easily find out message statistics effectively.

8. Business Category

When setting up a business profile, you can In the profile column on WhatsApp Business, you can choose a business category according to your business. If there is no suitable business category, select others or others, if it is not suitable, you can choose Professional Services. While on WhatsApp Messenger, there is no this feature. This of course can make it easier for customers to know what business you are running.

9. Checkmark on Business Account

On the WhatsApp Business profile you will get a check mark, which means WhatsApp has verified the business account through the registered phone number. If the phone number listed is indeed the company's, the WhatsApp Business account will be verified. WhatsApp Business will put a green check mark on verified accounts. Giving this green tick is not enforced in the WhatsApp Messenger application.

10. Broadcast Features

Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business is equipped with a broadcast feature, namely a publication feature where you can choose who can see what you publish or broadcast, which means this can be called a promotional feature when there are new products, in addition to the broadcast feature. you can update information to consumers.

11. Label Feature (Message Grouping)

The message grouping feature makes it easier for business people to communicate with their customers. The grouping of messages contained in this application, among others, New Messages, waiting for payment, Paid, and Completed Messages. You can also add other labels, according to your needs.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business for Business People

For business players using a WhatsApp Business business account is highly recommended, because it can open up greater opportunities for the business you run, both SMEs or large companies, especially for those of you who are online business players or who sell online, WhatsApp Business is highly recommended. With supporting features, users can easily control their business and consumers, starting from establishing better communication, managing working hours, categorizing each customer, and making it easier for business people to promote their products.