8 Ways to Download Sound Tiktok Online and Simple Applications !!

The current growth of Tiktok looks very fast with the large number of social media users. This of course has an impact on the number of interesting sounds available on Tiktok. This also makes many people want to download Tiktok sounds because they are quite pleasant to hear.
Ways to Download Sound Tiktok Online and Simple Applications
So far, there have been many shared ways to download videos from Tiktok. But unfortunately there are still many who don't know that sound can also be downloaded easily. On this occasion, we will share several ways that you can take to download sounds from Tiktok.

How to Download Sound Tiktok with Various Methods

By default, Tiktok does not provide a feature to download sounds on their platform. Unlike videos, although Tiktok is a video-based social media, they provide a feature to download videos from their platform.

However, this video download feature is of course with the permission of the video owner's account. If the video uploader does not want the video to be downloaded by others, he can turn it off when uploading the video. Videos that have been downloaded will also still have a watermark so that other people know where the source of the video is.

Back to sounds. Because Tiktok does not provide a feature to download Tiktok sounds, you have to rely on third-party applications or websites to do so. Here we share with you all several ways to download sounds from Tiktok.

1. Using Savefrom.net

Using Savefrom.net
Savefrom.net is a very popular application when it comes to downloading videos or songs from social media. There are so many users of this website that now they are releasing premium features and limiting some features and some video resolutions for free users.
If you want to download videos with high resolution, then you have to pay a subscription fee or upgrade to a premium account. But for low resolution will not be charged. Luckily for MP3, you are also not charged or free.

This trick is what we will use to download Tiktok sounds in this tutorial. We will take advantage of the MP3 download feature on savefrom.net. The method :

  • First open Tiktok on your cellphone first
  • Login if you haven't logged in yet, if you have, the FYP page will immediately open
  • On this FYP page, click the button with the magnifying glass icon or search
  • Type the name of the video that you want to download the sound for. This applies if you want to search for the video specifically. You can also directly search for it from the FYP page, someone's account and others, in essence you have to look for videos that use that sound.
  • After that click share then select copy link to get the link from the video
  • If so, close the Tiktok application and switch to a browser, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or another browser
  • Go to the official savefrom website at https://savefrom.net
  • Paste the link in the column that is already available
  • Click download and select MP3 format
  • After that the video will be automatically downloaded in audio format.

2. Using MusicallyDown

Using MusicallyDown
Just like savefrom, MusicallyDown is also a website that can be used to help you download sounds from Tiktok videos. From the name, maybe this website doesn't represent Tiktok at all. It was Musically that was highlighted.

This is reasonable considering this website was created at a time when Musically was popular. Unfortunately, Musically is not what it used to be. However, this website is still alive by expanding its features which can be used for Tiktok.

Here you can download a lot of content from Tiktok. Not only videos, of course you can also download audio or download Tiktok sounds. Here's how:

  • Open the Tiktok application on your cellphone
  • If you have logged in, you will automatically be taken to the FYP page
  • On this FYP page, enter the search field by clicking the search or discover button at the bottom
  • Look for a sound or video that contains the sound that you want to download
  • After that, on the video, click the arrow symbol to share the content
  • A new window will appear and select copy link to get the video link
  • If so, exit the Tiktok app
  • Go to the MusicallyDown website at https://musicaldown.com/
  • Paste the link that you got earlier in the column provided on the MusicallyDown home page
  • Next click download
  • Select MP3 format to directly convert it to MP3 format
  • Done, wait for the file to download perfectly.

3. Using TTSave

Using TTSave
Still using the website, the next website that you can use to download Tiktok sounds is TTSave. The way it works is almost the same as the previous methods, so you must be familiar with the concept. It's just that maybe there will be a slight difference in appearance.

Here's how you have to do to be able to download sounds from Tiktok using the TTSave website:

  • First you have to open the Tiktok application on your cellphone
  • Then enter your account, if you have then you can go directly to the next step
  • Find the video that you want to download the sound for. You can search for it in the discover menu, FYP, or directly search from other people's accounts
  • If the video has been found, click share
  • Select copy link in the window that appears to copy the video link to your smartphone clipboard
  • If it's copied properly, close the Tiktok app
  • Next, open the browser on your smartphone
  • Go to the TTSave website at https://ttsave.app/id/
  • On the landing page, you will immediately be treated to a video link column
  • So just enter the link that you copied earlier into the column
  • Before downloading, don't forget to change the video format to MP3 so that only sound is downloaded
  • If everything is ready, click download to start the download.

When looking for Tiktok video links, you don't have to look for them through the Tiktok application. You can search for it from anywhere as long as you can get the link of the video you want to download.

4. Using SSStiktok

Using SSStiktok
For Tiktok users who have been using social media for a long time, you must be familiar with this one website. Because basically SSS Tiktok is already very well known and popular among Tiktok users, especially in Indonesia.

This website is famous because it is often used to download content from Tiktok including Tiktok sound downloads. In addition, SSS Tiktok is also often relied on to download Tiktok videos without a watermark.
As for downloading sound, you can do it in the following way:
  • Open the Tiktok application or you can also open the Tiktok website
  • Login using your Tiktok account
  • Once logged in, find the video that you want to download. Search from discover, FYP, or other people's accounts. Choose the method that is most convenient for you
  • Open the found video then click share video
  • In the window that appears, click copy link
  • After that close the Tiktok application and switch to the browser
  • In the browser, type https://ssstik.io which is the official website of SSS Tiktok
  • Here, just paste the link that you copied earlier in the column provided
  • If so, select Download MP3 to download the sound only
  • The download process will automatically start and you can wait for it to finish.

5. Using the Snaptik App

Using the Snaptik App
If you are not comfortable with using the website, there are other alternatives that you can take to download sounds from Tiktok. An alternative to this is to use an Android app. This is of course relatively simpler than having to repeatedly open the browser and enter the downloader website.

It's just that maybe the drawback of this method is that you have to install an application and let some of your memory be used by the application.
The app we recommend here is Snaptik. As the name suggests, this app can be used to download Snapchat and Tiktok content. For Tiktok sound, you can follow the download method below:
  • Download the SnapTik app via Google Play Store
  • If so, open the Tiktok application to search for the video
  • Find the video that has the sound you want to download
  • If you have found it, click share on the video
  • Then click copy link to get the link of the video to download
  • If so, exit the Tiktok application
  • Enter the SnapTik application that you downloaded earlier
  • On the application page, you will immediately find a column for links
  • Paste the video link earlier in the column provided
  • Before downloading, select the MP3 format so that only the sound is downloaded from the video
  • If you have, click download and the sound will be saved in your memory as an MP3 format file.

Besides being used to download sounds from Tiktok, you can also use this application to download videos from Tiktok or Snapchat without a watermark on the download results.

6. Using SongTik

Using SongTik
How to download the next Tiktok sound that you can do is to use an application called SongTik. True, in this way we will still use applications that must be installed first.

SongTik itself is an application that is specifically made to download music or sounds on Tiktok. So you can use this application for more specific purposes.

This application also has a relatively better appearance compared to most similar applications. For how to download it is not much different from other downloader applications. Namely as follows:
  • First, of course, you have to download the SongTIK application through the Google Play Store first
  • While waiting for the application to finish downloading and installing, enter the Tiktok application
  • Here, find the video that you want to download the sound for
  • You can search on discover or directly search for a specific account
  • After the video in question is found, click share
  • After that, click copy link to get the link from the video, if the link is already linked, exit the Tiktok application
  • Then enter the SongTik application
  • At the beginning of the application there will be a column where you have to paste the previously copied link
  • Just put the video link earlier in the column
  • Click Download Mp3 to start downloading
  • Wait until the download process is complete and you can see the files in your HP memory.

7. Using LoveTik

Using LoveTik
Still from the application, this time you can download Tiktok sounds through an application called LoveTik. If you listened to this article from the start, you must be familiar with how to download it because LoveTik also has almost the same download method.

Moreover, LoveTik has its own advantages compared to the applications we have previously described. In addition to an attractive appearance, LoveTik will also give you many options for downloading Tiktok content.

You can download videos without a watermark with different resolutions and of course download MP3s from a video to download sound from Tiktok videos. The method :
  • Open the Play Store application and download the LoveTik application on your cellphone
  • Sambal waiting for LoveTik installation to complete, enter the Tiktok application
  • Find the video you want to download the music for
  • Once the video is found, click on the video to play it
  • While the video is playing, click share video on the arrow button on the right side of the screen
  • In the window that appears, click Copy Link to copy the video link to the clipboard
  • When you're ready, exit the Tiktok app
  • Switch to the LoveTik app by opening it
  • In this application you will be immediately treated to a column for video links. There's even a button to directly paste text from the clipboard. So you just tap the button and the link will be automatically filled
  • If you have, select download MP3 because this time you will only download the sound
  • Wait until the download process is complete.

8. Using YTop1

Using YTop1
If we previously shared with you how to use the application, in this Tiktok sound download method we will return to using the web. Broadly speaking, the method is the same as what we described earlier.

However, you can use this YTop1 website as an alternative if at any time the above website or application suddenly cannot be accessed. Alright, just look at how to download sound from Tiktok using the following YTop1 website.
  • Open the Tiktok application on your cellphone
  • After that look for the video that you want to download the sound using YTop1
  • If you have found it, click on the video and click share
  • Then click copy link to get the link
  • Close the Tiktok app and open the browser
  • Go to the YTop1 website
  • On the start page, you can find the link column
  • Just fill in the link that was copied earlier in the column
  • Click download MP3 and choose the quality that suits what you want
  • The file will be automatically downloaded after you press the download button
  • Then you just have to wait for the download process to complete.

Especially if you download Tiktok sound through the website, we recommend using your desktop PC or laptop. Because a wider screen will help you use web navigation better so that it supports sound downloads more optimally.